When Karen Johns, 73, stepped inside the Florida Spine Institute for a medical appointment, she could not help but notice Dr. Torres’ ForeverYoung.MD brochure. No stranger to weight loss programs, Karen was skeptical. She had tried countless programs and points, as well as eating packaged meals. Nevertheless, she struggled to keep off the weight. Karen had fallen victim to “yo-yo dieting.” For some reason, that day she decided one more weight-management program couldn’t hurt.

What Karen did not expect was the different approach to weight loss ForeverYoung.MD implements with each patient. Karen began a once a week meeting program with Dr. Torres and his team. She quickly discovered that ForeverYoung.MD was dedicated not only to her weekly weight loss goals but to her weekly health.

Dr. Torres started Karen’s program with education. Unlike other programs which had spelled out stale meal plans or shipped prepackaged junk with little to no explanation, the staff at ForeverYoung.MD educated Karen on the importance of limited sugar and increased proteins. They didn’t just give her the “what.” Instead, they explained the “why.” That knowledge proved powerful.

Karen was immediately impressed by the ForeverYoung.MD program. For the first time, she discovered how to manage her weight using lasting healthier alternatives in her everyday life. She was finally able to bid good riddance to the short-lived quick fixes she had relied on in the past. With ForeverYoung.MD, Karen describes a newfound confidence in going out to eat with friends. She can enjoy time with her husband and her friends anywhere because she now knows how to eat. Menu choices and thoughtful modifications give Karen the opportunity to stay on track with her goals and stay in the loop with her loved ones.

Not only did the program provide Karen the knowledge she needs to modify recipes and order healthier at restaurants. It adjusted for her medical needs. This knowledge was never addressed with previous programs which left Karen feeling abandoned while piecing together health information to create a diet that would help her shed the pounds.

The staff at ForeverYoung.MD is medically trained and equipped to run tests and examine some of Karen’s underlying medical conditions. They are also professionals who also have the ability to modify the program to her individual needs. This combination allowed her to flourish with her customized program and keep a steady weight loss of about three pounds per week. Not only did Karen love the numbers on the scale, but she was pleasantly surprised by the new numbers on her clothing tags as well! Karen has gone down three dress sizes so far and she happily proclaims that the inches off her waist have kept her just as satisfied as the pounds off the scale.

Today, Karen enjoys a once-a-month program focused on keeping the fat off rather than raw numbers. She emails Dr. Torres with questions in between meetings and is constantly thinking of new modifications for her cooking. She tries to pass these lessons and innovations on to her fellow friends who are also ForeverYoung.MD clients. Karen looks forward to continued weight loss and, more importantly, sustained health well into the future.